Since ancient times, our ancestors lived with the gifts of nature: harvested the fruits and roots, fished, hunted. Sometimes the hunters brought to home young animals and they were growing next to a man.

Knowing the habits of wild animals, primitive people were able to tame them. Thus, it appeared the first pets. They helped hunt, guarded, transported the weight and saved stocks from rodents.

And, of course, they supplied the human with milk, meat, wool, leather, and many others. No wonder that in ancient times people worshiped to some animals.

Wild animals are not immediately turned into the home animals, sometimes it took more than one century. That is why pets are not always similar to their ancestors.

It is believed that the first pet was a dog. It was about 10 – 15 thousand years ago. But some researchers believe that on this place of honor can be sheep and goat, and pig. They are next to a man about 10 thousand years. Then came the turn of the bulls, buffaloes, horses.

But man is tamed not only animals-mammals. In his household appeared birds: ducks, geese, chickens, pheasants, turkeys.

There are even home insects. For example, a hard worker bee and silkworm.

Domestic animals often become pets. A dog, for example, not only an assistant on the hunt or guard, and companion for games and pranks.

A modern cat is not necessarily for catching of mice. Yes, and mouse for another – the same pet. Some people very love their hamster, guinea pig, parrot or goldfish. And the list goes on. The main thing, “our smaller brothers” unselfishly give us their love.