The guinea pig.

This animal is called a guinea pig. Despite its name, the guinea pig is not relevant to the sea. And it is not relevant to ordinary pigs. This is a rodent. Its closest relatives – mice and hamsters, beavers and squirrels.

Why pig? Maybe because a frightened little animal can squeal like a pig. Or due to the fact that local people bred them as domestic animals.

These funny animals for many people became pets. Guinea pigs resemble hamsters. Many people even confuse them.

A guinea pig has a large head with the big bright eyes. The ears are good visible. It has sharp teeth and claws. The color of skin can be white, fulvous and brown or spotted.

Some guinea pigs have a smooth fur as combed. And the others – a fluffy, even shaggy, long fibers. The nature of domestic guinea pigs is calm and peaceful.

They eat plant foods: beans, grass, carrots, beets, apples. They drink water and milk.

The teeth of guinea pig, like the teeth of many rodents, grow all life. If you will feed the animal only with soft food, teeth can grow so large that they will interfere.

To avoid this, you should give them something solid: branches, crackers, chalk.

The claws of guinea pig also grow all life. In nature, wild guinea pigs dig burrows. The owners of domestic guinea pigs should worry about claws.

Guinea pigs – warmth-loving animals, they are afraid of drafts. And they are not only for fun and entertainment. They are bred for scientific experiments. Thanks to them, scientists know how better to treat human diseases.